issimo Home & Şükran Uyar came together for NATURE

issimoHome undersigned a social responsibility project organized in cooperation withartistŞükranUyarand Nature and Environment Foundation(DOÇEV). The group taking off with the theme“Ecology and Technology” emphasized that while we produce technological tools for our needs, we also need to minimize the damage this brings to nature and consequently humans.

ŞükranUyar, creating designs for an exclusive duvet cover for issimo Home, draws attention to “Life Cycle” in his works and underlines that in nature everything is connected to one another and that humans, eco systems, plants and animals are to be thought of as one society.

The income from the sales of the 100% cotton block printed limited edition duvet cover sets bearing ŞükranUyarsignaturewill become saplings planted on behalf of our customersin cooperation with DOÇEV. Your saplings will grow in the “DOÇEV MEMORIAL FOREST” and will leave next generations a better future.