issimo Home " takes possession of historical monuments

Başaritekstil Chairman of the board and owner of ‘ issimo Home ‘ brand Ismail Yilmaz, Anatolia and Thrace lands which are too valuable to be found in any region of the world, full of historical and cultural treasures, have lost blood Day by day with the kidnapped archaeological artifacts. To claim our cultural wealth, all institutions have a responsibility, he said.,

"There can be no mention of the future of societies that cannot claim their past.’’ Quoth

As it is known, many historical artifacts smuggled from Turkish territory are on display in the countries where they were taken and are not returned despite international agreements such as the 1970 UNESCO Convention and the European Convention for the protection of Archaeological Heritage.

 Struggles are going on with many countries that do not want to accept the concept of ‘ cultural assets are beautiful in their place".

As a company, Social Responsibility and social sensitivity that showed phenomena featured in ‘ issimo home ‘ brand, with a collection called Ancient, from design to production, the sensitivity of the protection of our cultural heritage in every area of life, through creative activities, he stressed that he wanted to share with a wide audience.

He encouraged the society to raise awareness in this direction through advertising campaigns and organizations organized under the name of ‘ Turkey is the motherland but now... ‘ of important historical monuments that have been smuggled abroad to date. One of these works is; m in the antic city of Perge.he.4.y.the top section of the bronze ‘ weary Heracles ‘ sculpture made by shaş Lysippos was located in the Boston Museum of Fine Art, while the bottom section was in the Antalya Museum.

 The project, which drew attention with the slogan ‘ Let this work which shows the fine art taste of Anatolian people unite now", was brought back to its homeland after decades with the initiatives of the Ministry of Culture and tourism in 2011. Also within the scope of the same project, started since 2008, 6 km of the province of Denizli. the company, which also sponsored the excavations of the 2 thousand-year-old city of antic Laodikeia in the East, continues to support the excavations today.

* Motherland of Turkey

In The Ancient City Of Perge, M.He.4.Y.Y. The Heracles Farnese type of hewn Lysippos.

* This work, which shows the fine art taste of Anatolian people, has now merged

* Motherland of Turkey but now…

* Top section: at the Boston Museum of Fine Art of America

Subdivision: Antalya Museum

In The Ancient City Of Perge, M.He.4.CENTURY

The Heracles Farnese type of hewn Lysippos.