National Cartoon Contest on Ecology and Technology organized by Denizli Municipality and Denizli Branch of the Association of Cartoonists in collaboration with and under the guidance of issimo Home, brought people together in a social responsibility project.

The group who defined the subject of the national contest as “Ecology and Technology”, in order to draw people’s and corporations’ attention to the balanced harmony of ecology and technology stated “The ecological balance violated by technology will become a balance protected by technology.” issimo Home and Denizli Municipality especially emphasizing this, drew attention to the fact that principles defined within the bounds of respect to nature and life, are formed within the framework of happiness of people and the continuity of nature.

A memorial forest will be created in Denizli in the name of all contestants by issimo Home and Denizli Municipality as well as special prizes for winners of the contest to which amateur and professional cartoonists from different cities of Turkey can participate with cartoons, one of the best ways of expression from past to present.