Denizli started to make a name for itself in industry and tourism in the recent years. Number of tourists visiting the city is getting higher each season. It is becoming a role model as the shining star of the Aegean region. A large proportion of Denizli’s industry comprises of textiles and textile products. We are making the country proud with our exports numbers. Among tens of textiles enterprises, one stands out with all it does. issimo Home, alias Başarı Tekstil, earns approval for its creative innovations.

It has broken a record in terms of number of contestants it had to the “Ecology and Techology” national cartoon contest it held together with Denizli Municipality a couple of months back. The diligence and devotion put forth by the board chairman of Başarı Tekstil, İsmail Yılmaz in the cartoon contest helped increase interest in it.

İsmail Yılmaz is a man of heart. With all his devotion to culture and arts, he never falls of the radar. Each year, he allocates some fund from his budget to the excavations of the ancient city of Laodikeia. He places full page ads on newspapers for smuggled historical artefacts of our country to be returned to their motherland. The publicity meeting of the exclusive collection of issimo Home 2013, themed “Ecology and Technology” will be held during the dealers’ meeting to take place in Antalya, Belek at the Calista Luxury Resort Hotel between 28 February and3 March 2013. Arts and culture will once again be at the forefront during the meetings. The writer of the book “Can Boğazdan Çıkar”, Mehmet Ali Bulut will take stage to make a speech on “Blood Type Diet”.

The artist to take the stage at the gala dinner will be Emel Sayın, a notable artist of all years. This is not the only surprise of issimo Home to its dealers. At the sweepstake to take place, one Ford Connect and 15 electric bicycles will be given away to the lucky winners.

Journalist Erkin Usman