Jacquard Plain Dyed Duvet Cover Set

Fabric Details: 220 TC -100% Cotton -JAKARLI- Reactive Yarn Dyed -40/1 Combed Yarn

Patterns: BOTILO (Dark Gray, Claret Red), RYTHM (Ecru, Powder), BELUGA (Beige, Ecru), ELSA (Ecru, Pink), MONTE (Ecru, Beige, Powder)

100% Cotton comfort in the finest, soft, elegant and natural state of your sleep.

BOTILO 220 TC which is produced from 100% Turkish Cotton is produced from 40/1 Combed yarn.

These jacquard products, which take their patterns on the loom during weaving, are just like the traditional methods; it comes to life by dyeing the yarn first and then touching the fabric. Yarn dye products are washed only after weaving and meet with you. İssimo Jacquard Duvet Cover Sets, which are made of fabrics that are not subjected to dyeing and printing process, surround you with a natural, silky softness and allow you to sleep in a pleasant coolness due to the high air permeability.

Zippered Duvet Cover: Issimo, seeking quality and convenience in every second of life, offers its linens with long lasting zippers. Thanks to the zipper on the end of the bed linen, changing the bed linen becomes a very easy process.